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Welcome to SZGF


Sayeda Zainab(s.a) Girls' Foundation (SZGF) was founded in June 2014, aiming to cater to the requirements of the women struggling in today's world. It started as a small group of young girls who wanted to build up a good society with the mission of Islam e Naab. SZGF as an organization focusses on spreading of the message of Sayeda Zainab(s.a) from Karbala to the women in the era of Imam Mahdi(a.t.f.s). It is a non-profitable organisation.

Significance of Women for Zuhur of Imam al-Mahdi(a.t.f.s)

Keeping the importance of the women and the role they play in the life of human beings we have formed this organization for preparing the ground for the appearance and readiness to accompany the Imam.

Every Muslim, regardless of their genders as a lover of God and the Ahl al-Bayt(a.s), should have this readiness. Being a woman we can play a vital role in various dimensions and as educators who are in charge of educating the waiting generation and also, to build the strong values of Islam within a family, neighborhood, society, and community.
Imam Khomeini(r.a) says about women: "A woman is the educator of society. The educator of human beings is a woman." (Sahifeh Noor).

Taking as role models the women of the beginning of Islam is best for women in the age of occultation which itself pre-requisites vigilance and awareness in the women. As women play their role well in all social arenas, social foundations are strengthened, and arrogant conspiracies to dominate the Islamic world are thwarted and the grounds for Zuhur are provided. The Divine Just Government will be established in the world under the guidance of the Saviour of humanity and with the assistance of three hundred and thirteen companions. This Government will be composed of various elements in which women will participate as much as men. But that which is certain is the presence of women in this great change, and thus Muslim women, following the mother of the Imams, Fatima (sa), will be with the armies of her son, the Promised Mehdi(a.t.f.s). This is the honor that God due to the creation of Fatemeh Zahra(s.a) bestowed upon the woman for the time of Zuhur.

Who We are

What We do?

Our organization is comprised of mentors such as Alimas, who obtained their Islamic education from Howza Ilmiya (Qom & Mashad, Iran) and other professionals.

SZGF helps the women to develop in all aspects to reach the level of perfections which would be the ultimate aim in this life for a better hereafter. We as an organization keep growing each year in all the fields to make sure we deliver and oblige what we preach. Before many other organizations and schools helped people gaining knowledge but many failed in executing it towards the betterment of the community or society. With this flaw prevailing in the community we made sure to rectify it with the help of our Mentors and Guides who themselves are practicing examples.

Our Activities

We use this platform as a source of attaining knowledge and help people understand their need for the formation of the group that may help in the uprising of Imam Zaman(a.t.f.s) by holding various activities monthly/annually!

Islamic Dars

These are everyday Islamic classes run by the organization that is taught by the Alimas specialized in particular subjects. The subjects included are: 1.Aqaid 2.Ahkam 3.Akhlaq 4.Mahdaviyat

Holy Quran Classes

These classes are taken by the qualified A’alimas specialized in Qura’anic Subjects.

Annual & Monthly activities

Jashn e Ibadat, Ramadhan Dars, Muharram Majalis, workshops, Webinars and Seminars.


We also, encourage the young and dynamic girls and women to actively be part of SZGF by signing up for the membership and take one step ahead towards your responsibility of improving the society. With all of us putting in the small effort with all our ability can help in the formation of a strong base for the arrival of Imam Zaman(a.t.f.s).


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  • Constant development of Shia Muslims through educational and pleasure activities.

  • To develop the skills, capacity, and oblige to the teachings with wholeheartedly.

  • To further improve the true Islamic Values in daily life creating opportunities through our platform that will help people to improve their quality of life.

  • To further the education and understanding of the general public on the religion of Islam.

  • To help youngsters to come forward to become responsible individuals and members who contribute positively to society.

  • To further values of dignity, honor, justice, and human rights for all people around the world.

  • To promote unity among all the brothers in faith and all others on humanitarian grounds.

  • To increase knowledge and stand against the oppressors and oppression present in the world.