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Sayeda Zainab(s.a) Girls' Foundation (SZGF) was founded in June 2014, aiming to cater to the requirements of the women struggling in today's world. It started as a small group of young girls who wanted to build up a good society with the mission of Islam e Naab. SZGF as an organization focusses on spreading of the message of Sayeda Zainab(s.a) from Karbala to the women in the era of Imam Mahdi(a.t.f.s). It is a non-profitable organisation...

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Our organization is comprised of mentors such as Alimas, who obtained their Islamic education from Howza Ilmiya (Qom & Mashad, Iran) and other professionals.

SZGF helps the women to develop in all aspects to reach the level of perfections which would be the ultimate aim in this life for a better hereafter. We as an organization keep growing each year in all the fields to make sure we deliver and oblige what we preach...

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